Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rite Aid 12/27

I wanted to start sharing my shopping trips now, even though its 2009, this does NOT count towards my $3000 in 2010

A few things about Rite Aid, or RA for short. You can use a manufactures coupon AND a RA coupon together. You MIGHT be able to use a coupon on a free item, like I do here on the BOGO sale, depends on your store, mine will let me.

Benevia 8.99
Benevia 8.99
Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers 10.79 ( My area offers the "Wellness Card" which gives 10% off, they are reg 11.99)
Duracell Batteries 3.00
= 31.77
-8.99 Buy 1 get 1 sale o the Benevia
-5.00 printable Benevia coupon
-5.00 printable Benevia coupon
-2.00 Rite Aid coupon for Benevia
-2.00 Rite Aid coupon for Benevia
-3.00 Huggies coupon from the paper on 11/15
-1.00 Rite Aid coupon for Hugges
-5.00/20.00 Rite Aid coupon
= -22 cents (some stores wont let you go negative, mine will. You will not get money back, but it will help cover tax)
tax .51 cents
Total out of pocket .29 cents!

I did this twice once at two different stores. Grand total $0.58

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