Thursday, December 31, 2009

Making some extra money

In 2010 I want to try and make some extra money as well. Here is what I am thinking.

If I spent money from my $3000 budget on something, and I either get a rebate from it, or sell it for cash, that money will go back into my $3000 budget.

If the money I used did not come from my$3000 budget, then it will not go back in, for instance, if I sell some of my greeting cards or beaded jewelry.

My goal is to make $3000 bucks this year!

Remember those kids digital cameras I snagged at Rite Aid the other night, I got all 3 of them, plus a table full of stuff for just under 20 bucks... Well I just sold those 3 cameras for 50 bucks on Craigslist! But since its still 2009 (for 12 more hours!) It will not be added to my budget... bummer!

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  1. I'm totally stealing your "Totals to date" thingies, LOL.