Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rebate tracking

I do a lot of rebates! I use a program called Rebate Rebate! to track them. Its super easy to use, and free!

You enter all your rebates, where you shopped, how much you spent, when you mailed them, and how long it should take. When a rebate comes in, you check it off. The program will alert you when one is late, so you can call the company and see whats going on!


Always keep your receipts guys! Quite often I find rebates for things I already bought and I just pull the receipts and mail them off! I found one this year for $10.00 bucks back when you spend $25.00 on "salty snacks" Well I had several receipts with Chex Mix on them (which was super cheap anyway) and mailed them off!

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