Sunday, March 28, 2010

Match ups

For a list of items on sale, and the coupons to use, check the match ups over at Hot Coupon World!

Tops/Quality Market

Snuggle Liquid 3.99

-3.00/1 coupon from 3/28 RP

= .99 after coupon


90% Lean ground Beef 1.99lb <-- great price!


Salad .39 a bag WOW!

Family Dollar

80count Snuggle Sheet 3.00

-3.00/1 coupon from 3/28 RP

Free after coupon


Green Giant Steamers 5/5.00

-.50/1 coupon, doubled to 1.00 (buy this coupon here)

free after coupon

Saturday, March 27, 2010


20 Birds Eye Steamers, free after coupon (bought the coupon from
15 Yeast Packets, .99 after coupon
9 Bumble Bee Tuna, free after coupon (bought the coupon from Lori)
4 Quaker Rice cakes .16 each after coupon
4 Quaker Gronola Bars, 1.00 each after coupon
= 19.52 oop, saved 78.55

I also scored 200 more gas points, which brings my total savings per gallon to 1.10! Which is $27.50 in savings on 25 gallons!

E-Mealz.. my dinner savior!

"MOOOOOMMMMMMMM whats for dinner.. I'm STARVING!"

How many times a week do you hear that??

I use for all my dinner recipes and ideas! Each week I am emailed a 7 day menu and complete grocery list! How easy is that!

You can pick from dozens of different "menu" options, like regular food, low fat, point based (think weight watchers) you can also pick from general grocery store, walmart only, aldi only... lots of options!

For just $1.25 each week its a no brainer!

The menus each week super cheap.. so even without coupons you can shop each week for $75-85 bucks! And add in coupons.. I am shopping for around $20.00 bucks a week!

Hows the food you ask? AWESOME! My kids have asked for several of the menu items again, but since I get a new menu each week.. we have not had a repeat dinner in MONTHS! I will admit, there are a few duds here and there, things I know my family wont eat, but its not like I dont have a mind of my own anymore, I just think of something else for dinner that night!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Walmart Trip

Lunchables are on sale at Jubliee for 1.25 each, I bought coupons from for 1.00/1. I also had .55/1 Recess Peanut Butter Cups, dark chocolate, which are on roll back for .50 cents, which means .05 cents in overage on each one!

20 Lunchables 5.00 after coupons
26 Peanut Butter cups, free after coupon, 1.30 in overage
= 3.70 oop

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Toy Story 1 and 2 on blu-ray for 15.98!

If you go to here to the Disney Movie Rewards page you can print either a 5.00 off or a 10.00 off coupon for Toy Story 1 and 2.

The 5.00 off coupon is easy to print. The 10.00 off coupon requires you to enter the "upc" from the VHS copy of the movie you already own. I am sure you can find the upc if you look hard enough!

If you can print the 10.00 off coupons.. then head over to Target!

Toy Story 1 22.99
Toy Store 2 22.99
-10.00 off instantly when you buy both
-10.00 coupon
-10.00 coupon
- 15.98 for both


each movie has 1 ticket to see part 3 when it comes out!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Diaper Deals are HOT this week!

Mom4Him has the links for the HOT 3.00/1 Huggies Printable coupon, you can print 2 per link, for a total of 6 per computer!

Walgreens Deal
Huggies 8.99
Huggies 8.99
Huggies 8.99
= 26.97
-9 in coupons (3.00/1 use 3)
=17.97 oop, get a 5.00 RR for buying 3 Kimberly Clark products
I used my 5.00 RR to buy 3 more packs, and a new 5.00 RR printed, which means you can "rinse and repeat" this deal as many times as you like!
No limit, but you can only buy 3 packs at a time

Rite Aid Deal
Huggies 8.99
Huggies 8.99
Huggies 8.99
= 26.97
-9 in coupons (3.00/1 use 3)
-6 in coupons (RA video value coupon, 2.00/1 use 3)
-5/25.00 RA video value coupon, or from
= 6.97 oop
You also get a Single Check Rebate for 1.00 back, but just once
No limit, but it works best 3 packs at a time

Pampers 8.99
-2.00 coupon from the P&G insert a few weeks ago
= 6.99
Get 3.00 Extra Care Bucks
Limit 2 packs per CVS card

I did the Walgreens deal 2 times, Rite Aid 3 times and CVS 2 times, for a total of 19 packs

I spent 39.25 oop (used RR's, Gift Card for RA and ECB's to lower my oop) and saved 191.83!

It works out to be just .06 cents per diaper! Thats HOT HOT HOT! (retail diapers can be anywhere from .25-.35 cents each!)

Tops ... healthy snacks and gas!

Tops is running a special right now, buy 8 items get 200 bonus gas points... I normally don't get all excited about these deals, because they arnt ever really good.. this one however.. IS!

4 Quaker Rice Cakes .16 each after coupon
4 Quaker Granola Bars 1.00 each after coupon
= 4.67 oop

I did this 4 times, total oop 18.67, saved 65.80

I earned .80 cents off a gallon of gas. After I fill my tank, and the gas cans for the mower for the summer, (30 gallons total) I will have saved another $24.00!

I also got 8 boxes of corn dogs. They are BOGO 3.49/2 - 1.00/2 coupon = 2.49 for 2, or 1.25 each

All the coupons I used today are from the 2/14 Red Plum

Total oop 28.64, saved 83.76

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updating my totals... again.

I have been a bad blogger. Plus I have been very busy. I made a few trips last week.. here are pictures and updated totals. I will try and blog better from now on!

I dont have the break down, but all 3 pictures were just 19.65 oop, with a $10.00 RA gift card for spending $30 on Procter and Gamble products and a 1.00 Single Check Rebate for the toothpaste. $10.00 back from Quality Market for spending $40.00 on frozen food, and $5.00 RR back fro Walgreens for spending $20.00 on cookies. So I spent 19.95, and have 26.00 coming back!

Year to date:
Spent: 678.85
Saved: 4227.39
Rebates: 115.27
Gift cards: 165
Left to spend: 2601.42

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Updating my totals

I have not updated my totals in a while..

As of today:

Spent: $506.93
Saved: $3800.28
Rebates: $110.27 (back into budget)
Gift cards: $140.00 (back into budget, remember, there are gift cards earned through rebates, not purchased out of pocket)
Total left to spend: $2743.88

Money Made: $217.37 (includes rebates from 2009 still coming in)

And a few pictures I forgot to post!

Walgreens: 24 Purex, free after coupon = 6.24 in tax

Rite Aid: 3.69 total out of pocket, will submit for a 15.00 rebate from Olay

Walgreens: 1.56 total out of pocket

Friday, March 5, 2010

Target and Walmart

Target UP and UP wipes are 1.89, on the UP and UP baby wash are coupons for .75/1 Wipe coupons... it makes them 1.14 each, for 88 wipes, makes them .01 cents each! Thats my stock up price!!

12 Up and Up wipes 1.14 each = 13.68
2 Body wash = 3.58 - 4.00 coupon = .42 overage
= 13.26 + 1.38 tax = 14.64 oop

45 Beechnut Let's Grow meals 1.08 each - 1.00 coupon = .08 each
5 Beechnut Banana Cookies 1.74 each - 1.00 coupon = .74 cents each
= 7.30 oop

Total oop 22.56, saved 63.00 bucks

And.. .hello to my super friendly cashier at the new Walmart in Niagara Falls... welcome to my blog! I hope you can learn to save money too!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Laundry soap and body wash!

So, I went to Walmart for more laundry soap, to give away, since I have at least 2 years worth already. Walmart was out of the 50oz bottle of All 2x that matches the Big Lots ad, so the gal said she would sub for the All 3x, which did not match the coupon. So she looked at the coupon, which was good only on 50oz or larger, and said I could get the 50oz 3x All with my coupon, and would still price match to Big Lots... it was 6.88 a bottle.. and I got it for .50 cents! HOLY COW! The best part, its for HE washers and dryers, which my best friend has.. and now shes the proud owner of 2 years worth of laundry soap, for 6 bucks!! Its 600 loads, thats just a penny a load!

Target had 8 oz bottles of Gillette body wash for 1.78 each and Gillette Clinical Sport deoderant for 1.78 as well. There was a coupon in the 2/21 P&G insert for 4.00/2, which makes them both free! I got all 18 bottles for 2.51 in tax!

Spent 11.14, saved 105.20

Walmart/Tops, buying for rebates

Ok.. I had several rebates that expired 2/28, so I needed to go shopping.. TODAY!

8 Yakisoba = free after coupon
4 No Yolks noodles = .29 after coupon
18 Yogurts = .30 after coupon
8 Bumble Bee Tuna = free after coupon
4 Bryers Kids yogurts = .50 after coupon/raincheck
Misc grocery items
= 12.36 oop, saved 43.75

10 All Laundry Soap = .50 each, after coupon/pricematch from Big Lots
Dog Food = 16.50 no coupon, no savings... bummer!
Misc grocery items
= 30.40 oop, of that 3.63 was tax, saved 20.00

20.00 worth of ground beef
60.00 worth of deli lunch meat/cheese
= 80.00 oop
will submit for deli rebate and ground beef rebate, will get back 55.00

Grand total 124.76 oop, will get back 55.00, actual spent after rebate 69.76

I will update my totals later today when I update my spreadsheet. More shopping today as well!