Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updating my totals... again.

I have been a bad blogger. Plus I have been very busy. I made a few trips last week.. here are pictures and updated totals. I will try and blog better from now on!

I dont have the break down, but all 3 pictures were just 19.65 oop, with a $10.00 RA gift card for spending $30 on Procter and Gamble products and a 1.00 Single Check Rebate for the toothpaste. $10.00 back from Quality Market for spending $40.00 on frozen food, and $5.00 RR back fro Walgreens for spending $20.00 on cookies. So I spent 19.95, and have 26.00 coming back!

Year to date:
Spent: 678.85
Saved: 4227.39
Rebates: 115.27
Gift cards: 165
Left to spend: 2601.42

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