Saturday, March 27, 2010

E-Mealz.. my dinner savior!

"MOOOOOMMMMMMMM whats for dinner.. I'm STARVING!"

How many times a week do you hear that??

I use for all my dinner recipes and ideas! Each week I am emailed a 7 day menu and complete grocery list! How easy is that!

You can pick from dozens of different "menu" options, like regular food, low fat, point based (think weight watchers) you can also pick from general grocery store, walmart only, aldi only... lots of options!

For just $1.25 each week its a no brainer!

The menus each week super cheap.. so even without coupons you can shop each week for $75-85 bucks! And add in coupons.. I am shopping for around $20.00 bucks a week!

Hows the food you ask? AWESOME! My kids have asked for several of the menu items again, but since I get a new menu each week.. we have not had a repeat dinner in MONTHS! I will admit, there are a few duds here and there, things I know my family wont eat, but its not like I dont have a mind of my own anymore, I just think of something else for dinner that night!


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