Monday, March 1, 2010

Laundry soap and body wash!

So, I went to Walmart for more laundry soap, to give away, since I have at least 2 years worth already. Walmart was out of the 50oz bottle of All 2x that matches the Big Lots ad, so the gal said she would sub for the All 3x, which did not match the coupon. So she looked at the coupon, which was good only on 50oz or larger, and said I could get the 50oz 3x All with my coupon, and would still price match to Big Lots... it was 6.88 a bottle.. and I got it for .50 cents! HOLY COW! The best part, its for HE washers and dryers, which my best friend has.. and now shes the proud owner of 2 years worth of laundry soap, for 6 bucks!! Its 600 loads, thats just a penny a load!

Target had 8 oz bottles of Gillette body wash for 1.78 each and Gillette Clinical Sport deoderant for 1.78 as well. There was a coupon in the 2/21 P&G insert for 4.00/2, which makes them both free! I got all 18 bottles for 2.51 in tax!

Spent 11.14, saved 105.20

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