Sunday, March 7, 2010

Updating my totals

I have not updated my totals in a while..

As of today:

Spent: $506.93
Saved: $3800.28
Rebates: $110.27 (back into budget)
Gift cards: $140.00 (back into budget, remember, there are gift cards earned through rebates, not purchased out of pocket)
Total left to spend: $2743.88

Money Made: $217.37 (includes rebates from 2009 still coming in)

And a few pictures I forgot to post!

Walgreens: 24 Purex, free after coupon = 6.24 in tax

Rite Aid: 3.69 total out of pocket, will submit for a 15.00 rebate from Olay

Walgreens: 1.56 total out of pocket

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