Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finishing out the year on a good note

Twice a year I take things to Cornerstone Manor. Its the womens and children's shelter in Buffalo.
Today I took:
31 Blood Sugar Meters (they run a free clinic there now)
4 cans of Oust
10 Shampoo/Conditioners
40 boxes of pasta
12 Buddy Bars, its kids soap
10 Toothbrushes
10 packs of floss
10 packs of razors
9 boxes of panty liners
12 Bottles of vitamins
6 Bodywashes
12 BBQ sauce
11 Peanut butters
3 boxes of Throat coolers
2 Olay face washes
5 Robitussin bottles
4 Kids mouth wash
2 Baby washes
5 bottles of nose spray
7 cans of shaving cream
7 bottles of ear cleaner
15 lotions
9 eye drops
2 grocery bags full of trial size/free samples of different things
2 huge bags of womens and children's clothing

While I was downtown I stopped at 3 more Rite Aids and did the Huggies/Benevia deal 3 more times. Each time it was .29 cents out of pocket! Not to bad for diapers!

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