Monday, January 25, 2010

Updating my totals

Well.. I did some last minute shopping last week.. but then we went out of town, no pictures but I wanted to update my totals for you... plus lots of rebates came in.

Amoung the thing I bought:
7 canisters of oatmeal
20 bags of frozen veggies
10 boxes of quart sized ziplock bags
6 bottles of softsoap
and some misc groceries

Total spent 11.29, total saved 63.86, of that 2.11 was tax

I also received 20.00 in rebate checks, and all 8 of the Kelloggs debit cards from all the cereal... each has 10.00 bucks on it.. 80 bucks total... for a grand total of 100.00 back in rebates which I will add back into my budget!

Year to date:
Spent 242.65
Saved 1502.89
Rebates received 100.00
= $2857.35 left to spend

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