Friday, January 8, 2010

Tops / Wegmans 01/07

One of the things you have to do when you coupon shop is determine your "stock up price" Its the target price you want to pay for something, say .10 cents a roll for toilet paper, so when you find a sale, and it matches your "stock up price" then you STOCK UP!!

We are trying to eat healthier this year.. so I am buying more ground turkey.. which runs 4.99 lb! OUCH! So.. when I found it for 1.99lb.. it was stock up time!

Tops also had yogurt for .20 each after coupon.. thats a hot price also!

8 packs of ground turkey, 1.25lb each 2.99
-1.00/2 coupon from 01/03 paper
-1.00 doubler at tops
= 1.99 lb !!
12 Yakasobi Noodle things (the mac and cheese flavor is pretty good 1.19 each
-.50/1 coupon from the 01/03 paper
doubled to 1.00
+.19 each
2 Beech Nut Lets Grow Meals 1.45
-1.00/1 coupon from the 01/03 paper
-1.00 doubler at tops
= free
4 bakers joy 2.79 each
-.75/1 coupon
.75 doubled
= 1.29 each
4 Transocean crab meat 1.00 each
-1.00/1 internet printable coupon
= free
48 Dannon Yogurts .40 each
-.60/6 coupon
.60 doubled
= .20 each
= 33.06 oop

But then I noticed that the yogurt coupon did not double right, it only took off .20 cents rather then .60 cents, so I went to customer service and got 1.20 back!

new oop 31.86, saved 75.16

I did this is 3 transactions so I could use all 6 doublers at Tops.

10 Mc Cormick crockpot seasoning mixes 1.50 each
-.75/1 coupon from 01/03 paper
.75 doubled
= free
= 0.00 oop, saved 15.00


  1. Thanks for the tip on the turkey. Still a bargain even without the coupons. We're horrible shoppers and usually spend $5.49/pound at Wegmans for ground turkey. I eat a ton of stuff like this so this was awesome. Wish we had a bigger freezer now... :)

  2. I was real excited about the ground turkey but when I got to the store in Angola they were out. I see the Toponak's and the Chi's wiped out the stores!!!!! :)