Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tip # ALWAYS keep ALL of your receipts!

Every so often I am going to post a few tips that will help you do that I do!

#1 Always keep all your receipts. I keep mine in an accordion folder, each store has its own slot, newest in front. At the end of the year, I put them in a box for maybe 2 months, and then chuck them! Why?? REBATES! There are sooo many rebates out there.. and sometimes I know about one, and I shop for that one, and mail it off, but sometimes I find rebates after the fact, and just pull the receipts and mail them off. Perfect example: remember my 30 bags of FREE chex mix from 2 weeks ago?? Well, Heinekin Beer has a rebate out right now, spend 5.01 in "game day snacks" get 5.00 back! Its valid in NY, and its "no beer purchase required or NBPR for short" which means, I did NOT have to buy 2 packs of Heineken to qualify.

Long post short.. my free chex mix... just became 20.00 in rebate checks in my pocket!

Where do you find these??

This one, I traded for on I mailed her a few coupons I don't need, and she mailed me 4 rebate forms. The Pepsi rebate from a few weeks ago.. its stuck on the beer boxes in Quality Market!

Keep your eyes peeled!

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