Sunday, January 3, 2010

01/03 Shopping Trips

I dont get my coupons until midnight on Sunday... so most of my shopping happens during the week.. but I did get out today!

The meters are on sale 14.99, get 5.00 RR back
But there is also a buy 2 Bayer products get 3.00 RR

So if you buy one of each meter, and use the free meter coupon from the paper about 2 months ago, you get 13.00 RR's. I did this twice today, for a total of 26.00 in RR's

Rite Aid
The Nivea lip care products are BOGO this week. Rite Aid allows you to use a BOGO coupon, on a BOGO sale, making both items free!

6 Nivea at 2.99
6 Nivea at 3.99
Coffee 5.39
= 47.25
-5.00 /25.00 RA coupon
-41.88 BOGO sale and BOGO coupon
= .39 oop

2 Stayfree at 3.99
4 Nivea at 2.99
2 Got2Be products at 6.49
6 Chex Mix at 2.99
1 Lyson 2.99
= 47.87
-5.00 / 25.00 Rite Aid Coupon
-7.98 BOGO stayfree and BOGO coupon
-11.98 BOGO Nivea and BOGO coupon
-6.49 BOGO Got2Be
-3.00 RA coupon for Got2Be
-3.00 RA coupon for Got2Be
-1.00 Lysol coupon
-1.00/2 Chex Mix coupon x 3 = 3.00
-.50/1 Rite Aid Snack coupon x 6 = 3.00
= .45 + 1.18 in tax = 1.63 oop

I also went to Aldi for grocery items.. cant use coupons there.. nothing too exciting, just the things for dinners and such. 22.68 oop

Total spent today 24.70 (1.18 was tax)
Total saved today 98.98
Budget left 2975.30

Rite Aid is doing the "Game Of Life" right now. You buy marked products and you get a game piece, match all the needed game pieces and win prizes. Today I got 20 tickets, 3 of which had instant win tickets in them, for 6 tickets = 26 ! See for more details!


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  2. Also, where did the BOGO Got2Be coupon come from? Online?

  3. Did I win? NO! I am 1 piece away from winning each item!

    There is not a BOGO Got2be coupon.. but on the rite aid website there is a 3.00/1 coupon, and you can use 2, making them .49 cents for both.