Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not much shopping this week.

My youngest, who's just 3 months old, ended up with RSV and in the hospital Monday - Friday, so I was only able to make 1 shopping trip Saturday night. Oh, and shes much better now!

Quality Market
They were having a sale on Betty Crocker items this week, buy 6, get 3.00 off at checkout, but it works if you buy multipals of 6, so if you buy 12, you get 6.00 off and so on. I also had lots of Betty Crocker coupons.. which made for a great sale.

18 Cake Mixes
18 Tubs of Frosting
18 Cookie Mixes
12 Brownie Mixes
= 49.44
or just .75 each which is cheaper then generic or Aldi brand... which means stock up!

I know lots of you question "will you actually use this stuff before it expires?" YES! Think about it, we have a family of 6, so right there I will have to make 6 cakes this year, plus the girls will need a set of cupcakes for school, and church, which is another 4, so 10 of the 18 cake mixes and frostings are already spoken for. Then think potlucks and play dates for brownies and cookies... This will all easily be used before it expires!

I stopped at Rite Aid.. but all 3 of my local stores were wiped clean of the things I wanted. Which is fine.

8.99 Huggies
5.99 Dove Body Wash
.20 Valentines Pencil
-2.00 Huggies coupon
-1.25 Dove coupon
-10.00 RR from the meter deal
= 1.93 + tax .97 = 2.90 oop
Then I got back 3.00 RR and 6.00 RR

I did this 7 times for a total oop of 20.30 getting 63.00 back in RR's

The Huggies quality for the "Caregivers Marketplace" rebate of .75 cents per pack, for another $5.25 back at the end of the year.

I also went to Super Wamlart for a few things, and grabbed a few grocery items for this week, I spent $1.17 because I used the Knox coupons for overage, so I saved $16.08. I also bought 12 cans of Hunts Diced Tomatoes for 12.48, and will get back 6.00 for the "Chili Essentials" rebate.

Grand total oop $83.39 of that 6.79 was tax, saved 225.03


  1. Hey! You just helped me on HCW and I saw your link. Love the blog! Just wanted to let you know that Caregiver's took Huggies off their rebate though. I was so bummed!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. You are right.. they did! That stinks!! Thanks for the heads up, I was going to wait until December to mail anyway... Welcome to my blog!