Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I know I said no more toilet paper unless it was free... guess what... its FREE!!!


16 Yakisoba free after coupon
20 Birdseye Veggies, free after coupon
21 Marcal 4 packs of TP, free after coupon
= 2.77 in tax!!

Rite Aid
2 Lysol No Touch hand soap dispensers 11.99 each
- same coupons I used yesterday
= .98 + 1.66 tax = 2.64 on a giftcard

2 Crest Toothpaste 7.00
-1.00/2 coupon
-6 ECB
= .61 in tax on a gift card
got back 7.00 ECB

Grand total oop 2.77 all tax, saved 129.01 !!


  1. I really like that Marcal toilet paper! I just bought 3 12-packs of it when it was on sale a couple weeks ago at Tops though, so I won't need any for a while.

  2. Wendy, if you still have coupons left, its 1.49, so free after the 1.50 off coupon, or just .49 cents after the 1.00 off coupon. Plus the coupon should be coming out again in March and its on sale until May. Keep your eyes peeled.. you can never have enough TP... especially since you basically throw it away!