Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pictures I forgot...

These are some pictures from the last 2 weeks that I was to busy to upload!

Today at Wegmens : Spent 42.17, saved 137.00, will get back 12 in rebates
Wegmens: all free

Tops: all free

Rite Aid : used my gift card, saved 41.05, got back 15 UP Rewards and 10.00 gift card

Tops: 6.85, saved 22.50, will get a free grill

Family Dollar: spent 6.75, saved 22.50

Tops : dont remember!
Rite Aid: used my giftcard, saved 35.69, got back 10 UP rewards

I also updated my totals for the year.. I am right on track!

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  1. Adina, were you able to buy more than one Gillette bodywash in a transaction and if so did the Wegmans coupon beep? Thanks