Friday, April 23, 2010


I know I have not posted in weeks! Bad Blogger!!

I was out of town for a week, I actually have not really shopped in the last 3 weeks (thats the beauty of extreme coupon shopping!) Aside from milk, eggs (which are on sale at Tops .69 a doz) and fruits and veggies.. we have not needed anything really!

I updated my totals for ya:


Spent: $1,033.55
Saved: $4,854.87
Rebates received: $192.27 <-- added back into budget
Gift cards received: $185.00 <-- added back into budget
Left to spend: $2,338.72

Money made: $457.01

We are 16 weeks into the year, which means I am spending an average of $41.33 a week, and I could spend up to $57.69 a week and still meet my goal of $3000 bucks this year! And this has included stockpiling more things, which means I should be able to do this next year as well!

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